• Posted on Tuesday, November 03, 2015 by Joel Kyari

Local pastor prays for success of Ex-Nihilo a new Christian run design and print company!


Pastor Charles Addoco is delighted with the finished product. 

A vibrant new Christian business aims to help churches reach out and connect with their target audiences more effectively.  The company led by two Christians: Joel Kyari, originally from Nigeria, and Wilson Chowdhry, a British born believer of Pakistani origin, hopes to lead the way in helping UK churches ensure that their marketing media has the right mix of engaging, relevant and spiritual content. Too often churches fail to reach their local communities due to a disconnect but we can help by providing exceptional material that is affordable, eyecatching and readable.  

Joel Kyari has been working in the printing industry for 7 years in a management role and he leads worship at Glorious Ministries International in Barking, London.  Wilson Chowdhry is chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association and is founder and director of A.A. Security Ltd which is now 22 years old.  

Pastor Charles Addoco approached Ex-Nihilo for some flyers for Romford based Likewise Christian Ministries (http://www.likewiseministries.org). Like many churches the order came with a very short deadline and a strict undertaking to ensure that spiritual content was of paramount importance.  Pastor Charles was so impressed with the flyer and our quick turnaround, that he has agreed to pray for Ex-Nihilo and for us to write this blog post.

He said: 

"Ex-Nihilo are the perfect choice for churches.  Not only do the owners have strong godly convictions and backgrounds, which helps with audience targeting for our media concerns, but they also have the experience and qualifications necessary to make attractive high quality material you can trust.  Their quick turnaround and offer of free delivery across the country is just a bonus."

For this Christmas season Ex-Nihilo is offering 10% off all our prices for churches or Christian institutions.  We feel blessed and privileged that through our work we are able share a little bit in the spreading of he Gospel across communities, and in the strengthening and building of churches.

10% of all profits will also go towards our designated charity the British Pakistani Christian Association. 

For more information please contact us by telephone: 020 8514 2439 or email info@ofnothing.co.uk 




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