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Ex Nihilo printers attempt to restore peace in London

With less then 24 hours till an important peace vigil in Ilford Ex Nihilo were called to print posters and banners to highlight the main message which was the strength in unity.

The large banner and poster designs was agreed for their simplicity both the lead organisations British Pakistani Christian Association and Al Bayan Welfare Centre who are neighbours on Green Lane, agreed that clear messages without gimmicks were a necessity.

Ilford has been subjected to several police raids as part of the London Bridge terrorist attacks with several suspects arrested. Local religious and community groups organised this vigil in collaboration to remember the innocent lives lost and condemn the brutal attacks. It is their hope that the solidarity shown will be a beacon of hope to all and a  chance to restore peace and local morale.

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We were just grateful to be a part of a campaign that means so much to all of us.  More pictures at the end of this article...

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