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Easter Bonanza 10% off all our printed and web products



Like many of you we at Ex Nihilo have been shaken by the closure of Toys r Us and Maplins two long-established businesses that have not been able to cope with the changing economic markets.  When brand names like these collapse it can create a panic and we want to reach out to any of you who feel pressured during this period.

The Christian Festival of Easter is one of hope and like many other people and businesses during this time we wanted to be distributers of optimism, helping others reach their aspiration and in doing so working towards our own.

We know It's cold outside. a really dreary march that is being battered with cold chills from Siberia and the 'Beast from the East' is still to return one more time.  This means some parts of the country can expect a white Easter - perhaps Michael Buble could rework Bing Crosby's famous Christmas song? 

Whether the classic song that stors all our herats is remixed or not EX Nihilo is offering a 10% discount on all our creative solution packages. So get your glad rags on and go out and celebrate this will be a year for us all to remember - we are sure of this!

Just email info@ofnothing.co.uk or or call 020 8514 0861 with your current orders and use this opportunity to kick start your 2018 sales. We are on your side!

Ex Nihilo have many services that could support your business.

If you would like to discuss our variety of merchandising, and printing options please feel free to make contact by calling 020 8514 0861 - choose option 2 for Ex Nihilo, or email info@ofnothing.co.uk

Our many services include:

  • Web Design Services
  • Printing flyers, posters, window vinyls,business cards and much more
  • Logo and branding development
  • Vehicle signage
  • Shop front signage
  • Door to door flyer distribution service currently charged from £25 per 1000
Learn more at www.ofnothing.co.uk


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