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Director of Ex Nihilo invited to speak at Redbridge Enterprise

Wilson Chowdhry Director of Ex Nihilo explains benefits of branding, merchandising and SEO at Sofia Hub's 'New Business' seminar

Director of Ex Nihilo Wilson Chowdhry presented the value of effective marketing strategies to new businesses in the London Borough of Redbridge on Tuesday 18th November 2014. 

The event was organised by Sofia Hubs an entity created to support local new enterprises in Redbridge and was held at St John's Church, Seven Kings.

Wilson Chowdhry who has been a Director of A.A. Security for over 20 years, described how he started his business with a Student loan, whilst a full time student in 1994.  The inspiration for his company was a BBC News story, describing a shortage of security officers for the London Dockland Development Programme.  In the early years Wilson tapped into a dedicated workforce through the friends he made at University.  

Wilson believes that branding and SEO were crucial to the development of his company and he has since gone on to initiate a further six companies.    Desiring to share his skills developed as a business man for a period of longevity, he has established a new creative solutions company.  Partnering with London School of Arts graduate Kash Channa, they have formed Ex Nihilo a company whose very name means "Out of nothing," illustrating the manner in which they can precipitate affective messaging for any company with little or no input.

Wilson Chowdhry said;

"Building a company from scratch is one of the most arduous tasks.  Few companies survive beyond three years, much due to a lack of inspiration and creative skills.  Marketing and branding are essential tools for growth, but few really understand how to enact a workable promotion of their business.  We are here to bridge the gap."

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