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Are your lacklustre Halloween promotions frightening customers away?


Have you left your Halloween preparations too late and now feel your business is not cashing in on the wonderful opportunity this ancient festival creates?

Well fear no longer!

Of Nothing printers can create a monster package of promotional creative media to boost even the most vapid campaign.

So don't let the ghouls of past disappointment hold you back, contact us and we will prepare a media portfolia that will 'scare the socks right off ' from the competition!


Whether you choose a Halloween theme or not EX Nihilo is offering a 10% discount on all our creative media solution packages. So no need to cower in fear of the unknown or lurk in the shadows - let ghosting be a thing of the past and make your name resonate during the witching hour and beyond!


Just email info@ofnothing.co.uk or or call 020 8514 0861 with your current orders and use this opportunity to kick start your 2018 sales. We are on your side!

Ex Nihilo have many services that could support your business.

If you would like to discuss our variety of merchandising, and printing options please feel free to make contact by calling 020 8514 0861 - choose option 2 for Ex Nihilo, or email info@ofnothing.co.uk

Our many services include:

  • Web Design Services
  • Printing flyers, posters, window vinyls,business cards and much more
  • Logo and branding development
  • Vehicle signage
  • Shop front signage
  • Door to door flyer distribution service currently charged from £25 per 1000
Learn more at www.ofnothing.co.uk


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